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In baking, you realize some recipes call for All purpose flour while some calls for Cake flour and you wonder why. In my location, the Cake flour is scarce and what we easily get In the local market is the All purpose flour. So, how do I create my Cake flour? Cake flour is required…(Read More)

how to make a Vanilla Cake | Dambabs cakes

Hi everyone, I hope we are all enjoying our weather in our various locations. It’s a sunny afternoon in the heart of Lagos, Nigeria. I would be sharing how to make a Vanilla Cake using the “All in Method”. I first heard this method from one of my mentors ‘Chef Kola’ and I have…(Read More)

vanilla Sponge cake

Hello, I want to share with you one of my best recipes used for vanilla Cake. I sometimes call it plain cake. Here is the recipe. Recipe Cake Flour – 225g Butter – 225g Sugar – 150g Eggs – 4 big size Flavor – 11/2 tsp Vanilla flavor Baking powder – 1 level tsp  …(Read More)