vanilla Sponge cake

Vanilla Sponge Cake Recipe


vanilla Sponge cake


I want to share with you one of my best recipes used for vanilla Cake. I sometimes call it plain cake. Here is the recipe.


Cake Flour – 225g

Butter – 225g

Sugar – 150g

Eggs – 4 big size

Flavor – 11/2 tsp Vanilla flavor

Baking powder – 1 level tsp



You would need a hand mixer or a stand mixer for this.

Cream your butter and sugar together until creamy. Put on your Oven and butter/oil your pan. Sieve your dry

Flour  and baking powder (ingredients), leave aside. Beat your egg either with a whisk attached to your mixer or you could use a hand whisk until its foamy. Add flavor to your egg mixture. now add your egg mixture(little at a time) to your creamed butter mixture. Cream together for about 2 mins. If your mixture does not come together, add a little flour as you cream.

Lastly, add your flour to d mixture and cream together until smooth. Pour into your prepared pan and bake for about 30 mins.

Note( Do not open your oven for the for the first 15mins to prevent your cake from falling)

vanilla Sponge cake
Vanilla Sponge cake


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